Broadcast Productions & Operations

Let Our Broadcast Control Center Elevate Your Remote Broadcast Experience

Broadcast Productions & Operations

Let Our Broadcast Control Center Elevate Your Remote Broadcast Experience

Broadcast Productions & Operations

Let Our Broadcast Control Center Elevate Your Remote Broadcast Experience

Broadcast Productions & Operations

Let Our Broadcast Control Center Elevate Your Remote Broadcast Experience

Elevate Your Broadcast Experience

With 40 years of experience, Van Wagner Productions is the leading innovator in event production for the world’s most-watched events. Our comprehensive solutions in content creation, event presentation, and broadcast innovations captivate audiences and elevate productions for broadcast networks, schools, teams, venues, and more.

Cutting-edge Broadcast Control Center

An expansive, full-service, remote production hub, designed with our vast knowledge and expertise from producing highly anticipated spectacles like the Super Bowl, Olympic Games, NCAA Final Four, College Football Championships, and corporate events.

Whether you’re planning a multi-camera broadcast or supplementing your existing workflow, we provide the technology and expert team of producers, engineers, editors, operators, and creatives for all your broadcast production needs.

How It Works?

The Broadcast Control Center uses a REMI (Remote Integration Model) production workflow. We capture live video and audio feeds from your event locations and send them to our central broadcast hub in Raleigh, NC. There we cut, edit, mix, and produce the content before transmitting to any destination. REMI allows you to produce the highest quality content with impactful savings and efficiencies over traditional broadcasts.

Unrivaled Experience: The Global Leader in Production

Partners count on us to navigate production challenges, delivering peace of mind and an exceptional experience, every time, anywhere. Our unmatched industry experience and creativity, commitment to innovation, and dedication to exceptional results set us apart.

Big Savings: Reduce Cost & Complexity

Streamline your production process to save time and resources while maintaining high quality. Forget about renting large trucks and equipment—our scalable production model eliminates the need for them. With remote production, you can say goodbye to logistical complexity, crew requirements, and travel associated with on-site production.

Best Technology: State-of-the-Art Broadcast Equipment

Our Control Center is meticulously designed based on our technical know-how and production experience with the world’s most prestigious events. Experience world-class broadcast quality with our state-of-the-art technology and reliable remote broadcasting solutions.

Control Center Features:

  • Two Control Rooms equipped with state-of-the-art broadcast technology
  • Two Audio Control Rooms that are 5.1 and Stereo Capable
  • The facility also features: Diverse ISP Providers each with 10Gbps Direct Internet Services, Redundant HVAC System, and a centralized UPS System throughout with ATS and standby generator

Key Equipment:

Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and two full-service control rooms, we can handle round-the-clock REMI productions and ensure a seamless remote production experience for your next event.

  • Ross Carbonite Broadcast Switchers
  • Ross XPression Studio Graphics Systems
  • Evertz Dreamcatcher Replay Servers
  • Calrec BRIO 36 Audio Consoles
  • Riedel Artist 1024 IP AES67 Intercom System
  • 384 x 384 Evertz NEXX Multiformat Enterprise Routing System

Benefits of Remote Production:

  1. 01

    Live Video and Audio Mixing:

    Our cutting-edge mixing capabilities allow you to control multiple video and audio feeds from remote locations in real-time.

  2. 02

    Complete Broadcast Automation:

    Automatically switch between camera angles, adjust audio levels, and trigger graphics from our central hub.

  3. 03

    Reliable, Low-latency Transmission:

    Compatible with any transmission source, our network technology ensures smooth and stable video and audio with minimal delay.

  4. 04

    Integration with Existing Equipment:

    Our facility works seamlessly with your existing broadcast equipment, including cameras, audio boards, and graphics, video and replay systems.

  5. 05

    Scalable Infrastructure:

    Our system can be scaled to meet the demands of any broadcast, from webcasts to major sporting events.

  6. 06


    Reduce expenses and valuable time associated with set-up, on-site infrastructure, personnel, and production trucks.

Our Work

Our full-service Broadcast Control Center is powered by our unmatched industry experience, creativity, and commitment to innovation. Learn more about our most recent projects.

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"Van Wagner sets the standard in sport presentation. Their commitment to excellence is unmatched, and their state-of-the-art broadcast center ensured a flawless remote broadcast from a location with very little infrastructure. The team always delivers an immersive and captivating viewing experience, and this is proof of their dedication to innovation."

Marc Klein
Senior Principal


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