2023 Warrior Games Challenge

Warrior Games

Van Wagner’s Broadcast Control Center Revolutionizes Production for the 2023 Department of Defense Warrior Games Challenge



The Department of Defense Warrior Games is an annual adaptive-sports competition that brings together service members and veterans from across the United States armed forces. In 2023, Van Wagner took a significant leap forward in remote production capabilities, utilizing our state-of-the-art Broadcast Control Center to produce this multi-day competition and broadcast experience.

In 2023, the Warrior Games Challenge took place at Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, CA. Producing a multi-sport competition of this scale at a remote location with limited infrastructure presented significant challenges. The lack of essential resources such as electricity and internet connectivity required extensive planning and coordination to establish temporary infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted power supply, reliable internet access, and efficient communication systems to support the remote production needs throughout the event.


Van Wagner has been at the forefront of innovative sports presentation and production solutions for decades, including producing the previous Warrior Games in 2018.

Recognizing the growing demand for remote production, the company recently invested in building a cutting-edge Broadcast Control Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. This remote broadcast hub leverages a REMI workflow to streamline the production process, enhance broadcast quality, and enable greater flexibility in delivering live sports content.

Key benefits for the 2023 Warrior Games Challenge included:

  • Robust Remote Production Capabilities

The new Broadcast Control Center employed advanced technology and workflows that allowed for seamless remote production. It enabled production teams to remotely control cameras, audio feeds, graphics, and other essential elements from a centralized location. The facility’s state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with the team’s production expertise, elevated the viewer experience, capturing the spirit and intensity of the games.

  • Greater Flexibility and Adaptability

The facility was designed with scalability in mind, allowing for efficient handling of large-scale events like the Warrior Games. Van Wagner’s team could effortlessly adapt the production setup to meet specific event requirements and respond to scheduling changes, event updates, and unforeseen challenges, ensuring a seamless broadcast experience for viewers.

  • High-Quality Video and Audio Infrastructure

Van Wagner’s Control Center features top-of-the-line video and audio infrastructure, including advanced routing and switching systems, so that feeds from the venue could be expertly mixed and edited resulting in broadcast-quality visual and auditory experiences for viewers.

  • Robust Transmission and Connectivity

The Broadcast Control Center incorporated redundant transmission paths and robust connectivity solutions to ensure uninterrupted signal delivery. This reliability was crucial for delivering live coverage of the Warrior Games Challenge to a wide audience.

  • Enhanced Production Efficiency:

By centralizing production operations in a dedicated control center, Van Wagner reduced the need for travel, on-site equipment, and personnel. This streamlined production workflows, minimized logistical complexities, and optimized resource allocation.

Services Performed

  • Live Event Presentation
  • Fully-Customized Graphics Packages
  • On-site Production
  • Entertainment Integration
  • Programming Content
  • Operations & Management
  • Broadcast & Streaming Services


Van Wagner’s Broadcast Control Center in Raleigh set a new benchmark for remote production in sports broadcasting. By leveraging advanced technology, scalable workflows, and a focus on efficiency, the team transformed the production of the 2023 Department of Defense Warrior Games. The enhanced production quality, flexibility, and cost optimization achieved through the centralized control center demonstrated Van Wagner’s commitment to delivering exceptional live sports experiences.

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