The West Coast Conference (WCC)


The West Coast Conference (WCC) was Van Wagner College’s first conference partnership, launching in 2015.  While continuing to produce impressive results on the athletics fields, the WCC sponsorship program had eroded to the point where it was doing less than six figures in annual sponsorship revenue.

Van Wagner went to work at both the conference and member institution level to launch a new marketing platform for the WCC that combined receiving exposure and engaging fans at its major championship events, include the basketball championship at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, with integration on the WCC’s linear and digital game broadcasts, social media content creation, and opportunities to activate a WCC member schools during the year.

The result has been mid-seven figures of sponsorship revenue that has been generated by the partnership since its launch and the successful securing on a long-term title sponsor for the basketball championship.  Van Wagner’s success at the WCC has helped grow its conference partnership portfolio to now where it represents 10 NCAA Conferences.

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