NCAA Final Four

NCAA Final Four

Each year for nearly a decade, March Madness has meant an uptick in operations at Van Wagner as we produce and direct tournament games around the nation, leading up to presentation of one of basketball’s most exhilarating spectacles – the Men’s Final Four.

We give unfamiliar venues the feel of home court for fans and players of every team as we profile the athletes and create up-to-the-minute highlight videos on-site, played at the right moments to tell the story of each matchup. We ensure that the sights and sounds which culminate in the championship game finale maintain their legendary luster. Scroll to explore the services that we provide for our long-standing partners at the NCAA and their member conferences.


Services Performed

  • Live Event Presentation
  • Video Board Production
  • Fully-Customized Graphics Packages
  • Programming Content
  • Operations & Management
  • Media Support Services

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