POV: Live at Super Bowl LVII

February 15, 2023

POV: Live at Super Bowl LVII featured image

The Super Bowl is undoubtedly the world’s biggest one-day spectacular event, and we’re proud of our long history working with the National Football League (NFL). This was our 39th Super Bowl, and as a production team we knew that we had to bring our best work to the field. Every year, the demand for bigger and more complex in-venue presentation grows along with our drive to deliver an even better show than the year before. Months of planning, preparation, and hard work went into producing Super Bowl LVII, and the Van Wagner team, alongside our dedicated partners, again delivered.


Countdown: T-minus One Week

For the first time since Covid struck live sports, the week started off with a festive Opening Night and an opportunity for the media and fans to hear from coaches and players representing both teams. If you missed it, check out Bleacher Report’s recap of the best moments.

In that final week leading up to game day, our creative team put the finishing touches on graphics, animations, hype videos and content that would play on the giant screens and LEDs during the game to keep audiences entertained from kick-off to the final whistle. You can read more the weeks of prep work and technology behind the team in this story by Sports Video Group.

Countdown: Game Day

Pre-game festivities began early on Sunday, with fan experiences and live musical performances by The Black Keys and Jason Derulo during the NFL TikTok Tailgate. We deployed an army of producers, camera operators, and technical directors to help execute every detail of the pre-game events and capture the excitement.

Of course, the main event of the Super Bowl is the game itself, and we were determined to deliver an unforgettable experience for the 60,000+ fans in the stands and millions of viewers watching around the world (Sunday’s game was the third-most watched TV show of all time, drawing 113 million viewers). Our team was responsible for capturing every detail of the game, from the action on the field to the reactions of the fans in the stands. We used a combination of traditional camera angles and innovative technology to provide viewers with an immersive experience and keep the fans engaged from the moment the doors opened to when the game clock struck :00.

Overall, producing this year’s Super Bowl was a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience for our team. We’re proud of the work we did and grateful for the opportunity to showcase our talents on such a global stage.