Collegiate Services

We are a leading multimedia rights holder and campus marketing partner. We focus on sponsorship and media sales and are known for developing creative on-campus marketing programs for brands.

Our Unique Approach

We deliver the power of sports marketing to colleges and universities. Our team designs programs that deliver the revenue and exposure needed to maximize the value of multi-media rights, enable capital projects and increase fan engagement on campuses. We offer a more comprehensive and coordinated revenue and exposure solution for colleges. Our solution maximizes the true value of each school by capitalizing on partnership opportunities and prioritizing the mission, goals and objectives of the institution.

Maximizing Value

When it comes to increasing revenue, our team's track record is unbeaten. Our partnership model combined with Van Wagner’s industry expertise brings a new and compelling value proposition to the market. We draw on the resources and expertise of all Van Wagner divisions to maximize results and benefits for our institutional partners.

Track Record

Our multi-media rights team has an exceptional track record of driving unprecedented revenue to college institutions.